What Patriotism Means To Me

As Executive Director of the National Foundation of Patriotism, I am often asked, what patriotism means to me.

I must draw on my personal experience as an American. I am the second generation of immigrants from Italy, Germany, and Ireland. I am the niece of many WWII veterans; I am the sister of a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War, and the mother of an active duty officer in the current conflict. I am also the mother-in law of a new legal immigrant to America.

My ancestors on both sides raised American flags on patriotic holidays and during family gatherings, which was a subtle message that they were proud to be Americans.

Patriotism means to me that I am blessed to have been born in a nation I should be proud of. And I am. I’m proud to stand for peace, democracy, free speech, and free choice, freedom of religion and freedom from tyranny.

I embrace my patriotic duty and privilege to encourage others to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate their patriotic journey. We all have a history of personal patriotism in ideology, thought and deed.

I believe showing our patriotism is not only a good idea, but essential to the propagation of patriotism in the next generation, who will assume the responsibility of what we leave the future leaders of America to deal with. But its not about just those who lead. Americans realize this is a republic “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Its our responsibility to leave them a legacy they can be proud of, just as my family left a multicultural, but totally American legacy for me.

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