The National Foundation of Patriotism’s Top Ten Ways to help Heal America

The winds of change are upon us. Many in our nation are hurting. It’s time to bind the wounds of division. As a military mother and the Executive Director of the National Foundation of Patriotism, I ask all of you to join me to be instruments of peace and kindness, acceptance and understanding. I invite you to join us in an effort to help #healAmerica.

At this very moment, you have a choice that will lead to either peace or pain. Choose peace. Nobody wins when people run on raw nerves, misinformation, and chaos.

During the previous Presidential Election, many were disappointed. We know what that felt like. Many of us were in a sort of perpetual sadness and fear for our nation’s future. We felt left behind. We felt run over. We felt pain and we had no constructive way to deal with it in our everyday lives.

Fear and frustration caused many to lash out in unhelpful ways. And, sadly, we saw race baiters turn the clock back 50 years as we find ourselves once again with fighting in our streets.

We know how disappointing it is. We had it for 8 years. So we can be understanding, and helpful.

In 70 days President Elect Donald Trump takes office. We must do our part to assist in a peaceful transition. Here are 10 things we all can do to help calm things down.

The National Foundation of Patriotism’s Top Ten Ways to Heal America:

  1. Stop watching the media and Social media bias.
  2. Keep your family from engaging in negative communication. And protect children from media rhetoric.
  3. Post only peaceful, understanding and unifying messages on social media.
  4. Pray for America.
  5. Pray for the protesters who have been brutally misled.
  6. Call and write your politicians and tell them you want them to take measures to calm things down in your city.
  7. Volunteer to help bring peace in your city.
  8. Form Neighborhood Watch groups in your community and assist law enforcement in keeping the peace. And by all means STAY HOME. Don’t engage in the chaos.
  9. If you haven’t been in church lately, return and bring your family. Invite friends to join you. America needs to turn back to God. If we do, He will bless us with peace and freedom.
  10. Pray for President Trump, Vice President Pence and the new administration.

We’ve had enough. It’s time we take back, not fight back. We won the election fair and square, by any standards. Donald Trump stood up for us when we needed him. We must stand up for him now.

Help us #healAmerica

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