The National Foundation of Patriotism’s Top 10 ways to Love a Teacher!


Most parents know the enormous job we put on our teachers, and most of us really care about them. 

They deal with things that most people don’t often think about, such as seriously undisciplined kids, increasing loss of authority in the classroom, angry, disrespectful parents. They follow stringent education plans on tight timelines. And they often have to bring your child’s classwork home to grade their papers, making their own workday even longer, with less time left to care for their own families.

And let’s face it, aren’t we ashamed of how little they get paid? Adding insult to injury, they often must pay for their own classroom supplies out of their own pocket.

We want to help parents and teachers, so here we go, 10 things you can do to encourage your teachers and inspire your children.

  1. Pray for your teachers with your children.
  2. Write a thank you note to the Principal, letting them know what a great teacher your child has.
  3. Buy 2 class supplies lists and support another child in need.
  4. Donate money for supplies. Or ask the teacher what they need and buy it.
  5. Have your child write a thank you note and tell their teacher something they learned.
  6. Give great teacher gifts: gift cards!
  7. Attend your child’s teacher conference on time and follow their advice.
  8. Teach your child the value of respect, listening, following directions and kindness, and the value of completing homework on time.
  9. Teach your child the meaning and message of the Pledge of Allegiance.
  10. Volunteer when asked to help.

American teachers: Leading the way for our children’s futures

          Lighting the way for future generations!

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