Rock and War Book

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This book is an individual account of an era that belonged to all of us. It’s a book every Vietnam veteran could be proud of, and every citizen should be aware of.

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“A breathtaking ride through musical success to the horror of war and back, Billy Terrell’s book details the agony and ecstasy of his amazing life.  He’s a treasure.”    -Paul Shaffer

“Billy Terrell is a dear friend.  And a true American Patriot.  His journey from the jungles of Vietnam to become one of the most in-demand songwriters and ‘talented musical cats’ in the industry, is a riveting story.  Thanks, Billy, for your service to our great country and for your talents in the entertainment industry.”    -Joe Piscopo

“The Other Side of Rock and War is an emotional roller coaster cover to cover.”     –Frankie Avalon


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