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Whether nestled on a corner in a quiet neighborhood or smack in the midst of the hustle and hurry-up of a busy city, the Irish pub has for centuries been a place of refuge and camaraderie. It is where friends congregate, new friendships are made and the impositions of the outside world are kept at bay. It is a phenomenon unique in history. Some Irish pubs have achieved cult status; others are hardly known save by the neighborhood regulars that frequent them. In the United States there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Irish pubs seeking to tap into the seemingly endless affection for all things Irish. Millions don the green on St. Patrick’s Day, or cheer the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame or stomp their feet to Irish tunes. It seems that nearly everyone wants to be Irish, if only for a moment. While there are Irish pubs virtually everywhere in the world, this book acknowledges the institution as it has developed in the United States. Hopefully, the reader will be led to a greater appreciation of Irish pubs wherever in the world they may be found. Even more importantly, Irish Pubs in America is a tribute to the amazing Irish immigrants who have contributed so much to our wonderful country; to our economy, to our culture and certainly to our politics, while simultaneously maintaining their strong sense of tradition. This 336-page, full color coffee table book features over fifty Irish pubs in the United States. In addition to the fabulous photographs, you can read about the rich history as well as some of the back stories of the pubs. As icing on the cake, you can try your hand at some of the delicious recipes that the pubs serve on a daily basis. Some of these recipes were handed down from relatives in Ireland.


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