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Follow Me! How Vietnam War Era Veterans Found Success And Led A Nation By Example. (Add $6 per book for shipping)

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How Vietnam War Era Veterans Found Success And Led A Nation By Example

Although most would not call themselves this, Follow Me is the story of heroes. This true story begins at Fort Benning Georgia where you’ll be right there with young Americans who went through training and fought in one of America’s most unpopular wars. Read unflinching accounts of how they experienced the protestors both before and after experiencing the horrors of combat. Learn how they took the motto, “We Can, We Must, We Will…” from the battlefield to the boardroom in continued service to our country.

Follow Me showcases some of the most outstanding achievements of this highly successful military class. Our intent here is to highlight the character, insight, leadership and courage that it takes to truly be successful in life. Lessons learned from Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning to the boardrooms of some of the most successful businesses in our nation.

This book has something for everyone. Read about the character building stories of class members who won the Medal of Honor, Pulitzer Prize, executive board positions, a State Senator and many more.

“Strategic, determined, intuitive leaders who delivered results. These skills are clearly developed during military training to become an Officer in the U.S. Army”

-Kent “Oz” Nelson, Retired CEO/Chairman, United Parcel Service

“Highest praise for the class of OCS 4-65 and for the lessons we can learn from their success. Follow Me is a great read for all future leaders and an inspiration to recharge our patriotic batteries!”

-Dale Hajost, Principal. Builder Investment Group and graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point


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