Patriotism Means Remembering Our Heroes

Alex Horanzy Named 2015 Dickies American Hero Of The Year

Patriotism is often defined as having a love for your country. There are no better role models for this than looking at our military heroes. Today marks the 74th year since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a devastating event that brought America into the realities of World War II. It was one of the saddest days in our nation’s history, but the day was not without its heroes.

Alex Horanzy enlisted into the Army at 17-years old and is now among the last survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This year, he was named the 2015 Dickies American Hero of the Year and given $25,000 for sharing his experience and motivating others.

Horanzy was stationed at Pearl Harbor in 1940 and was at the Schoefield Airfield when it was attacked. A enemy plane crash landed near the field where Horanzy recovered a Japanese flag which he still owns today. He later went on to fight across the Pacific theater before coming home back to U.S. and settling in Philadelphia.

Mr. Horanzy was interviewed this morning on TV, and you can see this amazing 94-year old veteran tell his story in this Youtube video:

We are proud of this amazing American and want to thank him for his bravery and service to our country. We encourage all American’s to remember this day with respect and honor it in your own way.

In these troubled times, we want to encourage all Americans to define patriotism for themselves and move toward a place of action. Demonstrate your patriotism by getting involved somehow. Let’s work together to keep America great!

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