Patriotism is alive and well in Cherokee County, Georgia

Last week I attended a lacrosse game as an away fan in a game between the Walker School in Marietta, Georgia and hosted by Sequoyah High School in Canton, Georgia.  Preceding the lacrosse game was a girls’ soccer game also hosted by Sequoyah High School.

Prior to the start of the lacrosse game we rose in anticipation of the perfunctory National Anthem but the folks running the sound system and the PA were having a difficult time.  Their microphone didn’t work and, even more importantly, they couldn’t get the music to come on.  You can see their frustration as they tried to work it out.

Finally a man in the booth held his cellphone out the window with the music to the National Anthem at full blast.  Yes, a cellphone at full blast has a listening radius of about 20 feet.  We could barely hear it and the folks further away could not hear it at all.

That however did not stop the young ladies who had just finished their soccer game and were now waiting to watch the boys play soccer.  There were at least two Sequoyah girls that started it but more soon joined in – they began singing the Star Spangled Banner a cappella.  Before long they had the whole crowd singing.  What a joyous sight!

It merely started with a couple of young ladies who I would estimate were in the 16 – 18 year old range.  Their enthusiasm inspired everybody.  I wonder how many fans at how many other games would have done the same thing?  I’m betting not many.  Well done girls!

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