Patriotism at Work

Many corporations show their patriotism in meaningful ways. From the most subtle act of flying an American flag on or near headquarters and other offices across America, to participating in patriotic holidays and taking part in fundraising and volunteerism for patriotic initiatives like Wounded Warrior Project and The National Foundation of Patriotism just to name a few.

Corporate Citizenship is as American as apple pie. America’s major corporations are even greater examples of Patriotism at Work, as we study the success of countless programs that address global challenges in humanitarian, environmental, and social crisis.

So how do you practice patriotism at your job? Here are a few ways participants in our poll have answered this call!

Top 5 ways to practice your Patriotism at Work:

  1. be a conscientious employee – character matters, and go the “extra mile” whenever possible
  2. participate in corporate opportunities offered through your company’s foundation
  3. volunteer participation in calls to action when needs arise in your company
  4. offer to assist co-workers when under deadlines
  5. patriotism is more than waving a flag, its about volunteering, supporting, donating, appreciating, and helping whenever possible

Patriotism At Work, pass it on!


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