Patriotism At Home

The flag is on the doorpost, the mat says “Welcome!” and the kids are tumbling around with the dog on the lawn. Sound like your house? Not really? Well you are not alone my friend.

Many households in America are in turmoil today. Many parents are exhausting themselves trying to make ends meet. More kids are on mind altering prescription drugs than ever in history (just peek in the refrigerators at your local school Nurses office, shocking!). And when we arrive home, it seems everyone runs to their respective technological devices for the remainder of the evening.

So, what can families do to turn back the hands of time, as it relates creating a Patriotic home life?

Here are the National Foundation of Patriotism’s Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Patriotism At Home:

  1. Practice peace. Literally. Ask family members to join you in one timed minute (60 full seconds) of peace. Close your eyes. And just BE for one minute 3 times each day. We suggest before leaving for work and school, before eating dinner at the table together, and before bedtime. One minute.
  2. Eat dinner together. Give thanks before eating. During dinner, talk about what it means to you to be a patriotic family. Define patriotism. And listen to the views of the rest of the family. Be the adult Mom and Dad. Direct the conversation, but listen too.
  3. Learn about your community. Have the family participate in a report on the history of your community. Plan on attending events and participating in some programs of interest to you and your family.
  4. Volunteer in your community. Consider allotting a time each month to an activity your family enjoys together. Here are some ideas:
    1. Clean up a park or area that is unsightly
    2. Serve at a shelter
    3. Host a fundraiser
    4. Gather items of need
    5. Donate
  5. Attend patriotic parades, celebrations and holidays and invite others to support and attend with you.

Let’s restore a patriotic spirit in America, one household at a time. I’m in. Are you?


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