Nationalism vs. Patriotism

Nationalism Versus Patriotism:  What’s The Difference?


Patriotism is the DNA of America. Patriotism is a unifier. It brings us together in the best of times, and the worst of times. Patriotism, although it proclaims love of country, often extends to international benevolence, in times of catastrophe, natural disaster, and the oppression of human rights.
Nationalism on the other hand is a divider. It requires exclusivity, and closes ranks against all other nations. Nationalism, although it claims love of country, it does not activate love, it activates separationism.
There will always be those who hijack patriotism and mistakenly present it as nationalism. But the distance between patriotism and nationalism is wider than the span of the ocean that divides the continents, and this is why:
Patriotism is rooted in love.
Nationalism is rooted in conquest.
Patriotism is inviting.
Nationalism is exclusive.
Patriotism involves personal behavior that obeys our laws, supports our people, and opens our arms to those in need.
Nationalism involves national identity in and of itself.
The Patriot prays that his country will bless God.
The Nationalist prays that God will bless his country.
So then, in the clarity of side by side comparison, there can be no mistaking the divide. Although the Patriot and the Nationalist both proclaim they love their country, the separation begins in the first step of their deeds.
The National Foundation of Patriotism invites all who love this country to join us in finding common ground.
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