Patriotism Definition

patriotism, patriotism definitionMany people see patriotism, by its very definition, defined by love. Love of country, its people, its laws, its resources, its freedom.

While The National Foundation of Patriotism encourages you to find your own definition of patriotism, that’s not a bad place to begin your search.

With all the negativity the media tends to focus on, patriotism can get lost in all the noise. We can easily lose sight of all the important aspects of American life.

We see the need for Americans to have a place we can get our patriotic batteries recharged! A place to come home to the ideals, values, and historic perspective that leads the way to the future. To become familiar with our country again, check out our Symbols of America exhibit.

The National Foundation of Patriotism is a place where the seeds of patriotism can begin to take root in our hearts and in our minds. Going far beyond the word “patriotism” all the way to the meaning, the message and the mission of patriotism in America and our effectiveness and relevance on a global scale. And, we do see patriotism as a mission for every American.

The Meaning of Patriotism

If the definition of patriotism is love of country, than the meaning of loving our country finds its roots in the individual hearts and personal experiences of our citizens. Begging the question: What does patriotism mean to YOU?

The National Foundation of Patriotism is dedicated to raising awareness of how patriotism has been celebrated in a broad and wide spectrum of expressions, some outrageous and wild, as you will see in our Patriotism in Entertainment exhibit; some personal and quiet in a somber setting as seen in our One America Exhibit, the story of the attacks on 9-11-01; yet others demonstrate their patriotism in decent as seen in our Medal of Honor exhibit the story of Desmond Doss.  Many Americans are comfortable defining patriotism through our heroes. The meaning of patriotism is yours and its mine, but the most important message we would like to convey, is that its okay if we differ in what matters to us, as long as at the end of the day, we find a way to stay united on the common ground that we are all share as free Americans.

So, how do you define patriotism as an American?

The Message of Patriotism

patriotism defined, what does patriotism meanThe message of patriotism finds its way meandering throughout history, in the many emotional expressions we see in unexpected places. The Olympics is a place to see an emotional expression of patriotic pride. How do YOU feel when you see our flag unfurl as the gold medalist from the USA takes the center stage. They won, yet we feel the victory.

Another unexpected place that patriotism showed up was on 9-11-01, when our enemies attacked believing they would destroy the very backbone of America through our economy, thus the bombing of the World Trade Center. What a surprise we gave them, when we stood together as untied Americans. We hung so many American flags, that when we ran out of flags to hang, we saw bed sheets painted red white and blue, and hung up on bombed out store windows. We saw that people painted flags on just about everything, they planted red white and blue gardens, and an entire array of patriotic food started appearing in our magazines and on internet food sites. American flag pins were our most popular item in our gift shop.

And then the donations started to roll in, for police, fire and first responders of all kinds along with widow funds, college funds, and rebuilding funds of all kinds.

Patriotism helped heal our nation.

The beauty of the message of patriotism is that it renews and revives the spirit of America.

What is YOUR patriotic message to the world?

The Mission of Patriotism

The mission of patriotism in America is to sustain the strength of the democracy and in turn, the freedom that we love.  Patriotism is what holds us all together, gives us common ground to stand together, it’s the DNA of America.

The National Foundation of Patriotism is dedicated to helping us to regain our pride in our uniqueness as well as our sameness, while finding balance and fairness in our Founding Documents, which chronicle the ideals born out of the Judeo-Christian values we were founded upon. We believe in patriotism as a mission.

What is YOUR patriotic mission?

Is patriotism still relevant in America? You bet it is! The spirit of America relies on it to keep us strong and free.

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