In Celebration of the resilient American Spirit


In celebration of the resilience of the American Spirit, The National Foundation of Patriotism would like to encourage all Americans to honor the memory of the victims of 9-11-01 by engaging and supporting the efforts of those who helped us to unite, rebuild, and emerge a stronger more vigilant nation.

To refresh your spirit and encourage you to stay connected to your friends and family, we invite you to share these 3 reminders that the ground around the American Flag, that represents freedom, is level.

  1. The National Foundation of Patriotism’s “One America” Exhibit (we included a list of the names of victims of 911 on our One America exhibit. Just seeing the length of the list is sobering. It takes about 4 hours to read every single name on the list out loud.)

  1. The new 911 Museum

  1. The new Freedom Tower


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