How to celebrate the International Day of Peace

American Patriotism: leading the way for America, lighting the way for the world!

America, a beacon of peace for the world. Social media enables all of us to participate in world peace.

Promoting peace to a violent world is a monumental task. As with any monumental task, it takes baby steps to achieve. That’s why the National Foundation of Patriotism presents a list of reflective ideas that America was founded on, fought for, and continues to sustain, even throughout our own turbulent times.

Patriotism is at the heart of peaceful, loving, kind and embracing attitudes that sustain peace in America, and transcends throughout the world.

Top 5 most patriotic ways to celebrate world peace today:

  1. In your own heart – genuinely forgive someone who has offended you.
  2. In your car – allow someone to go ahead of you, and wave a “thank you” to those who let you pass.
  3. In your office – offer assistance to anyone who needs it, find peaceful means to disagree and improve processes, and use respectful language that honors others.
  4. In your home – develop an environment for peace to settle over your home. Settle disputes with quietness. Use language that encourages loving kindness. Pray together as a family.
  5. In your social media community – speak peace, use respectful language, encourage friendship not dissension.
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