Best of NASA Inventions

The Inventions That We Use Everyday

Best of NASA

The US as well as a number of other countries put a lot of their money into the space program. Many people question if the money could be spent ‘better’ in other areas and if investing in space exploration is even worth it…
Unbeknownst to popular belief, there are many inventions from the space program that most everybody uses on a daily basis whether they know it or not.

-check out a list below of 26 inventions that NASA has contributed to over the years:

Cat Scanners

If you have ever been treated with a CAT scanner or know of a loved one who has, you have the space program to thank for this. This cancer-detecting tech was first used to find imperfections in space components.

The Computer Microchip

Modern microchips descend from integrated circuits used in the Apollo Guidance Computer.

Cordless Tools

If you have ever picked up a cordless tool you have NASA to thank for that. Power drills and vacuum cleaners were used to drill for moon samples.

Ear Thermometers

Commonly used in hospitals, the technology used in the ear thermometers originated from a camera-like lens that detected infrared energy used to monitor the birth of stars.

Freeze-Dried Food

This process reduces the food weight and increases the shelf life without sacrificing the nutritional value.


With winter on its way, I’m sure you can thank NASA for this one…!! Home insulation uses reflective materials that protects the spacecraft from radiation.

Invisible Braces

Teeth-straightening is less embarrassing thanks to transparent ceramic brace brackets made from spacecraft materials.

Enriched Baby Food

NASA was experimenting with algae as a food supply for long space trips and found a component of algae has two fatty acids similar to those found in human breast milk. It led to the development of an enriched infant formula call Formulaid.

The Joystick

Video Game enthusiast should know about this one… The joystick was first used on the Apollo Luner Rover.