The National Foundation of Patriotism Exhibits present the many facets of Patriotism in America, in a unique, educational and entertaining new way. The exhibits tell the story of the history and future of Patriotism in America through our video presentations, fact based content, and in some cases, interactive features that offer an opportunity for personal involvement.

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  • Patriotism across America – Symbols of America Exhibit – depicts the image and history of many American symbols including the Flag, Mt.Rushmore, Great Seal, Lincoln Memorial, the Eagle, Statue of Liberty, oh and check out United We Stand exhibit….
  • Patriotism in American Pop Culture – American POP Culture Exhibit – American Pop Culture gives us a rear-view image of mid-century interests, passions, and personal views of America from many different aspects.
  • Patriotism in History – American Women in History Exhibit – our feature section on the wonderful Women in History who have impacted lives and nations through their strength, vision, passion, convictions, creativity, beliefs, and words.
  • Patriotism in the Military -Defense of Freedom Exhibit – depicts images, history and personal account stories of all branches of the armed services
  • Patriotism of the People – Immigrant Experience Exhibit – depicts images, facts, videos, and history of the contribution personal accounts of immigrants (we do not involve ourselves in the issues of immigration, just the positive contribution of legal American immigrants and their journey to freedom and beyond)
  • Patriotism’s Heroes – Hall of Patriots Exhibit– depicts the definition, history and qualifications of the 4 highest medals for merit or valor given to citizens in America: the Medal of Honor, Medal of Freedom, Congressional Gold Medal and Carnegie Medal.
  • Patriotism in Peril- One America Exhibit– depicts the events in images, video and timeline of the attacks on September 11, 2001
  • Patriotism in Sports -Olympic Experience Exhibit – depicts the history of the Olympics through images and video, as well as personal account from and about recipients of an Olympic Medal
  • Patriotism in Entertainment – this exhibit depicts the many celebrities who join us year after year, and those of years gone by who showed their patriotism in the art form of entertainment
  • Patriotism in Science – Space Exhibit – depicts the many achievements and scientific breakthroughs that America shared with the world through the space program