define patriotism, patriotism definitionSome say the end is near. Others criticize and do nothing. Still others get involved and do all they can to make improvements, but no matter where you are on the continuum, it’s important to define patriotism for yourself. It’s the starting place for all patriotic Americans.

One dictionary defines patriotism simply as having love for or devotion to one’s country. While The Foundation of Patriotism wholeheartedly agrees with this definition, having love for your country can be difficult at times. We get bombarded with negative stories in the news that can leave someone hopeless and depressed. It can be easy to forget all the incredible things that make this country great. That’s why our website exists- to teach and remind Americans everywhere how this great nation came to be and what makes it worthwhile. We strongly believe our best days aren’t behind us, but we know that patriotism is under attack. We feel that the first line of defense is an awareness of where we’ve been and truth.

We haven’t forgotten our patriotism and pride for our country, and we encourage you not to either. Sometimes we just need a reminder. That’s what The Foundation of Patriotism is all about.

Our Patriotic Mission

At the Foundation Of Patriotism, we want to go beyond just helping you understand what it means to define patriotism. We want to help you feel proud of your country. There are more stories and examples of why you should feel proud than we can list, but we are committed to educating about our history and encouraging each person to learn more about freedom as well as help each person become actively involved in making our country great.

The first step to instilling patriotism and passion for America is helping someone understand our past. Our collective history helps define us. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build our online exhibits on patriotism that educate, inform and hopefully entertain. Take the time to browse the exhibits, understand the lessons and let these lessons help motivate you to get involved. Imagine if every American did just a little to help improve our country.

Our Vision Of Patriotism

Our vision for America, is to inspire everyone in America to think about their role as American citizens. And ask themselves: Are we finished building America?

Our vision for our global community is to provide a relevant, factual and inspiring body of information, which will allow the world to experience a glimpse of the benefits of democracy and how the goodness and benevolence of the American people impact the world.

The National Foundation of Patriotism encourages all who love America to stand with us. We are committed to presenting the history and future of patriotism in all its many facets through our interactive exhibits and inspiring blog posts.

Patriotism involves responsibility. Our freedom, while a gift, was not given without a price. We are compelled to learn about those that gave for our country, and we feel responsible to continue to share the lessons of their sacrifice. It’s what also compels us to get involved. We want every American to make his or her voice heard.

You can help us by donating, sharing and working to maintain America’s pride.

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