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West Point Mom

“There is no better place for a West Point mother, than to promote patriotism everyday at the National Foundation of Patriotism!”

Pat Stansbury
Speaker, Writer, Executive Director

Thank you for your interest in the National Foundation of Patriotism, the only website in the world dedicated to promoting the history and future of patriotism in America.

As the mother of a West Point officer, I know first hand what its like to care deeply about the need for patriotism in America. As the sister of a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I remember first hand what it was like when America was very unpatriotic and how it hurt our family and the troops. I want my son to come home to a better, more patriotic America than my brother did in 1967. You can only imagine my delight when asked to join this organization first as National Marketing Director, and later as Executive Director!

What an awesome responsibility. I have the best job in America! In fact, its not a job at all, it’s a great privilege. So while our sons and daughters serve our country on foreign soil to secure freedom for others, we must serve along side them here at home, preserving freedom through the promotion of patriotism in America.

As we build this website, I will be putting out a Call To Action to America for help in the constant evolution of this enormous task. I ask you to join me by taking our surveys, polls, joining our upcoming focus groups, webinars, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Blog.

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