Executive Director Pat Stansbury teaches patriotic values through Junior Achievement

The National Foundation of Patriotism is an independent, non partisan, non political, non-profit educational organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the history of patriotism in America and its relevance in the daily lives of its citizens. The Foundation was formed after the closing of the National Museum of Patriotism. The National Foundation of Patriotism is a virtual museum online. This has created the flexibility to have a broader reach, deeper impact and higher visibility than could be attained by a single building, in a single city.

Mission Statement

The National Foundation of Patriotism is dedicated to increasing awareness of the meaning, message and mission of Patriotism in America and its relevance in the everyday lives of its citizens.

Vision Statement

Our vision for America, is to inspire everyone in America to think about their role as American citizens. And ask themselves: Are we finished building America?

Our vision for our global community is to provide a relevant, factual and inspiring body of information, which will allow the world to experience a glimpse of the benefits of democracy and how the goodness and benevolence of the American people impact the world.

 We wish to provide a safe place for our global community to view all the many facets of American patriotism. In so doing, we hope each person will find their own definition of patriotism and feel inspired to act on it.

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Pat with Secretary of State Brian Kemp at the 2015 GA Public Policy Annual event

The National Foundation of Patriotism is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on the generous contributions of supporters like you!

Patriotism Or Nationalism?

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