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First lady brings her ‘Be Best’ campaign to Africa in her first major solo international trip.

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What is patriotism?

The National Foundation of Patriotism will never throw a flag in your face, and tell you what it means to be a patriot. We will, however, show you the many facets and acts of patriotism throughout the history of America. We hope you will develop your own definition of patriotism. Then act on it! A patriotic America, is a strong America!


It is our goal to inspire you to remember the definition of patriotism, share it with others, and get involved with family, colleagues and friends in community activities and civic responsibilities. We wish to inspire you to help us expand our base and reach 1,000,000 followers in 2017. We have over a quarter million following us already, we need your momentum. If each one would invite 3 people to do 3 things, we can reach our goal!

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The National Foundation of Patriotism is dedicated to raising awareness of the meaning, message and mission of patriotism in America, and its relevance in the daily lives of its citizens. 


Our vision for America, is to inspire everyone in America to think about their role as American citizens. And ask themselves: Are we finished building America?

Our vision for our global community is to provide a relevant, factual and inspiring body of information, which will allow the world to experience a glimpse of the benefits of democracy and how the goodness and benevolence of the American people impact the world.

The National Foundation of Patriotism encourages all who love America to stand with us. We are committed to presenting the history and future of patriotism in all its many facets through our interactive exhibits and inspiring blog posts.

Patriotism in America

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This book is an individual account of an era that belonged to all of us. A book every Vietnam veteran could be proud of, and every citizen should be aware of.

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