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Is Patriotism still relevant in America?

The National Foundation of Patriotism is dedicated to increasing awareness of the meaning, message and mission of Patriotism in America, and its relevance in the daily lives of its citizens. We wish to provide a safe place for our global community to view all the many facets of American patriotism. In so doing, we hope each person will find their own definition of patriotism and feel inspired to act on it.

Global Citizen Patriotism.

What in the world is global citizen patriotism? If patriotism is love and support of country, global citizen patriotism is love and support of the global good… READ MORE

Patriotism in our daily lives

Highly successful people know where they came from. They respect their heritage and their journey to success. It’s important we embrace and teach our children that the history of America and those who have gone before us have an important message for our future… READ MORE


The National Foundation of Patriotism enjoys a wonderful relationship with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Foundation. Here NFOP Executive Director Pat Stansbury stands with one of our Medal of Honor recipients Sammy L. Davis at an event in… READ MORE

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